CBD Deep Tissue Cream - 2,000 mg in 4 oz Container

Our cream was designed to give smooth, uninterrupted glide, allowing you to focus on deep tissue, trigger point and fascial release techniques with a single application.  Containing avocado oil, sunflower oil and rich shea butter, with just a touch of jojoba oil, our cream is great for both massage and home application. Whether you are a massage therapist or just looking for an excellent quality, high CBD topical, this product will fit the bill.  Get yours today!

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Natural CBD Pain and Inflammation Relief

Natural CBD Products for Wellness and Relief*

A specialized 99% pure form of CBD isolate from hemp infuses our natural CBD and CBG products. As a result, our highly effective products may offer pain and inflammation relief*.

The isolate is a highly purified, crystalline form of CBD crafted from federally legal industrial hemp. Therefore it is odorless and has non detectable levels of THC in it. Furthermore, because we professionally lab test our products, we ensure an effective level of hemp CBD.

Our Lab Test Results
We use a professional independent lab to test our products. You can find lab tests under the longer description for each product in the shop section of our website.


  • Our CBD and CBG products work quickly to help reduce and relieve pain*.
  • Because we add effective amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) to our products, relief comes quickly and lasts longer.*
  • Our products differ from most CBD (and CBG) salves and products on the market because we add more milligrams of CBD.

High Quality

  • Milligrams Matter™ – Salves offer 1,000 milligrams of purified CBD per ounce from legal hemp.  Massage oils are 150 mg of purified CBD per ounceDeep Tissue Cream contains 500 mg of CBD per ounce.
  • Topical products contain non-detectable levels of THC.
  • Everything we make is from legal hemp production. Our products are considered personal care products, therefore they can be sold and shipped to all fifty states.

Susan’s CBD products contain all natural ingredients and essential oils. For this reason they are highly moisturizing for your skin,  and bring you the natural benefits of Cannabidiol from hemp.

Use our products may provide useful benefits with the following: Pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, skin irritations and tension.*  You may also feel a sense of calmness and wellness from the benefits of CBD.*

We formulate Susan’s CBD topical products with CBD isolate from hemp. Hand-grown organically under the sun, it’s odorless and in crystalline form.  As a result our topical CBD and CBG products guaranteed to be 100% THC free.  Our CBD and CBD/CBG Tinctures contain trace amounts of THC (less than .3% THC, the federal standard for hemp).

Try our CBD and CBG products and experience for yourself what everyone is talking about.

Product Reviews

  • New! CBD/CBG Coconut Massage Butter - 500 mg of CBD/100 mg of CBG per ounce, Choose 1 oz or 8 oz Size ($20.00$70.00)
    reviewed by Carrie

    I have been enjoying your products for over a year now. I use them in nearly every massage if give.

    I am absolutely in love with your new cbd/cbg coconut massage butter. I am seeing an almost instant relief.

    I have given a sample to a client with shingles. It stopped her pain so she told her doctor what she was using and he told her it was the best thing she could use!!

    Thank you for yet again offering a high quality product that is helping so many.

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  • New! CBD/CBG Coconut Massage Butter - 500 mg of CBD/100 mg of CBG per ounce, Choose 1 oz or 8 oz Size ($20.00$70.00)
    reviewed by Laura Martinez

    When I ordered form Susan, they sent me a sample. I was so amazed of the most amazing smell and what it actually accomplished on my clients! I will order soon. I know this is going to be incredible

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