Susan's CBD
Natural ingredients.

My motivation to begin this company started with an interest in the science of hemp and natural plant based healing.  I had heard of many people who had used CBD from hemp to ease pain, and always wondered if there was any truth to it.  Once industrial hemp became legal to grow in the United States through the 2014 Agricultural Act, many hemp farmers began cultivation of the plant in Colorado and started to distill and isolate different chemical compounds within the plant as well as genetically enhancing the plant.  The more I learned about what some of the different chemical compounds were commonly known for (sleep, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, skin conditions) the more curious I became.

I started by creating a simple salve recipe and a massage oil using CBD Isolate.  Isolate is odorless and colorless and more than 99% pure with all other parts of the plant removed.  It allows us to make wonderful topical products that have a great texture and smell but without THC.  All of the benefits of CBD but no THC.  We also use several “old school” apothecary methods on our products, including infusing our base oils with dried plants including calendula and chamomile for a minimum of three weeks and then straining them. This adds skin friendly plant benefits back into our base oils in addition to the natural ingredients and effective amounts of CBD.

The purified form of CBD usually takes less than fifteen minutes to begin working.  You can increase the absorption by using heat, either by soaking your affected area in warm water, taking a bath or hot shower or using a heating pad before applying either of the salves or the massage oil.  Many people have told me that these products have made a huge difference in their quality of life.

I have found my products may be useful for the following conditions:

  • Pain Relief – aches and pains, soreness, after workout muscle stiffness.
  • Minor abrasions and scrapes.
  • Rashes, skin irritation, itchy bug bites (works amazing!), eczema, dry skin, under eye puffiness, sunburn relief, skin inflammation.

We professionally lab test our products to ensure that we are putting in an effective level of hemp CBD. Results for massage oil, pain relief salve, and tattoo aftercare salve.

I hope you will try my products – I think you’ll find the results amazing.

We add effective amounts of CBD to our products because we believe milligrams matter!

Handmade with care in Boulder, Colorado.