Hemp CBD Natural Pain Relief Salve* – Choose one or two ounce size

Hemp CBD Natural Pain Relief Salve* – Choose one or two ounce size


This amazing salve works quickly to help offer relief for chronic pain, sore muscles and pain from inflammation*. Our best selling product, it contains 300 milligrams of purified CBD from hemp in each 1 oz.  2 oz Salve contains 600 mg of CBD, 1 oz Salve contains 300 mg of CBD.



A breakthrough pain relief formula that uses a highly purified CBD isolate from hemp that is 99% pure.  Our best selling item, this amazing salve contains 300 milligrams of purified cannabidiol from industrial hemp per ounce of salve, and begins working almost immediately.  Two oz Salve contains 600 mg of CBD, one oz Salve contains 300 mg of CBD.

The 2 oz. salve comes in roll-on stick which is a breeze to apply and then store in your medicine cabinet. While the 1 oz is packaged in a small tin so it’s easy to slip into a purse or pocket.

Helpful for arthritis, joint pain, sore muscles, aches and pains, and other types of inflammatory pain*.  Useful as a recovery salve for tired and sore muscles.  Also works great to stop itching, especially for bug bites and other types of skin inflammation.*  We infuse our sweet almond oil for three weeks with dried calendula flowers to increase the healing power of the CBD.

Don’t waste time buying other salves – we offer a highly purified form that works quickly and lasts longer. This proprietary formula uses all natural ingredients and essential oils along with calming calendula flowers in sweet almond oil and coconut oil in addition to the purified CBD from hemp.

Professional lab tests prove – the 1 oz salve contains 300 mg of hemp CBD, the 2 oz salve contains 600 mg of hemp CBD. View 1 oz lab test results, View 2 oz lab test results. This product tests non-detect for THC.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Calendula,  Essential Oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot, (Bergatene free) and Hemp Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate.  We use non-GMO, pesticide free isolate from hemp.  We never test on animals.

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  1. Nancy

    What a fantastic product! I was skeptical that anything made from hemp could actually reduce my joint and arthritis pain, but after using Susan’s CBD salve the arthritis pain in my hands was dramatically reduced. I’m excited to buy some for my mom and sisters who are also troubled by arthritis.

  2. Allen

    About 2 or 3 years ago I began having fairly severe pain and immobility in my hands and especially my thumbs.

    Aggravated by activities at work like using a keyboard and mouse, pricing gun and screwdriver and by playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar daily; I was unable to find something that would allow continued full use of my hands.

    I tried Susan’s CBD Salve and immediately saw results after only one application. I experienced loss of pain and stiffness to the degree that I would forget there was a problem for hours at a time.

    I have never had to apply the salve more than two or three times, once a day to virtually eliminate any bothersome pain that may occur in my hands.

    When the problem returns, I turn to the salve and carry on.

    Thank you for creating this product. I have felt fortunate to have been able to experience it’s benefits.

  3. Anita

    I used the salve on all of my clients who struggle with arthritis for a week. I did not tell them until after their massage appointment. Every single person claimed that their pain had decreased significantly (before I told them). I also used it on my rolfer who has been using another brand. Within 10 minutes, he had relief from his arm pain.

  4. Andrea

    I ordered the 2 oz. salve. The design makes it so easy and mess-free to apply to my knees, my husband’s back/neck and elbow. It’s amazing the pain relief it provides. I teach 3-5 dance fitness classes a week and have dance rehearsals for 4 hours at a time. I apply before class or rehearsal and I make it through pain free! I highly recommend.

  5. Sunny

    This salve is a lifesaver and a stable in my home and purse. I have many friends who have been turned on to this product along with other Susan’s CBD products. The almost instantaneous relief is amazing. Thank you, Susan, for putting such dedication and love into your products.

  6. Ryan

    My clients and I love this salve! It works magic on aches and pains, penetrating deep into the muscle to provide long lasting relief. The high potency of the CBD in this product makes this a true bargain. It doesn’t take much to see results, rubbing just a pea-sized amount into the skin is enough for localized pain relief. I gave up prescription painkillers for my chronic neck pain in favor of CBD products many years ago and have found that the CBD works just as well, in some cases better, without the negative side effects. Of all the CBD products I’ve tried, this salve is my favorite and I proudly offer it to clients at my spa.

  7. Russ

    .For the last 15 years I’ve been taking morphine to help me with the chronic pain from injuries to my shoulders. I started with 20mg to help reduce the pain. After time the morphine was increased to 30mg, 4 years ago 10mg of hydrocodone was added. The deterioration of my shoulders continued and I was at the point where I was going to have to increase my morphine again and decided to try CBD.
    I did some research online and found where I could purchase a CBD Deep Tissue Cream that had 2000mg of pure CBD in a 4oz jar. I ordered a jar and was amazed how much it helped. I sent Susan an email asking if she could make me something special with more CBD. She made me a 2oz stick of the Natural Pain Relief Salve with 3,500mg of CBD. .This new Salve is helping me so much that I will discuss with my doctor about trying to reduce the amount of morphine I’m using.

  8. Mike

    My brother-in-law turned me onto the stick salve for some swelling and pain I’ve been having in my hand since shoulder surgery. After 30 minutes of rubbing it into my hand and palm, the pain went away! I still have the swelling and am working to remedy that, but in the mean time the pain has been relieved!! Thank you!

  9. Connie

    I was so impressed with the decrease in the ache I was experiencing in my arthritic fingers. The salve my son-in-law rubbed into the joints worked quickly and I am so glad I have some of my own now. Thank you, thank you!!!PP

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